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Market Outlook for the Rest of the Year…

I have no idea.  This is what I’ve have seen so far and remember to keep in mind that things are always changing and that I will continue to update this topic. Sellers putting their home on “hold” status; this means it was an acti...

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What to Watch for in the Market…

People always ask me, “Hey Dan, how’s the market? Especially lately as people want to know if it’s holding strong or going down! The market is still strong and still moving. There’s no doubt this Virus has had its effects on the mark...

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High End Real Estate: Is it slowing down?

Over the last 8 weeks I have been watching the market like a hawk. One thing that continues to surprise me is the high end of the beach cities. Not only is it selling, but it’s selling surprisingly really well! In this post I am referring...

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Rental home in Manhattan Beach

Journey of the 1031 Exchange

Late last year I sold a client’s rental home in Manhattan Beach. This property sold for 3x what the owner bought it for 20 years earlier. When it was first purchased the owner lived in it, many years went by, this home was always used as...

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Youve found a home

You’ve Found a Home You Like, Now What?

Once a buyer has a home in mind, how does he/she learn as much as possible about the home, the neighborhood, the owners, etc.? There is so much information on the internet so it is the agent’s job to help the buyer sift through all of...

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Master your move!

Master Your Move

So, you are moving. Moving is hard. No matter what scale of move you’re about to tackle, it’s important to recognize that moving can be difficult. It can often be so overwhelming that you don’t know where to start. A stress-free move...

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The Hermosa Strand Market

OVERALL SUMMARY OF HERMOSA STRAND SALES IN  2020Looking at all of these sales being on the market for an extended period of time and starting at a much higher price than where they sold one might think the market is going down on TheStr...

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Dining Out- Age of COVID

I’m sharing first-hand what it’s like eating out in the South Bay during COVID times. With outdoor dining only, see how one restaurant group is adapting to these changes. I sat down with one of the owners of The Hook N’ Plow located in Ri...

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Home Building with RJ Smith

In this episode, I walk through a house being built with one of the top builders in the South Bay, RJ Smith of RJ Smith Construction. Building custom homes are in very high demand right now. RJ walks us through his personal home and shows us ho...

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The Strand Hermosa Beach

What Makes the Manhattan Beach Strand Stand Out? We Talk about zoning, development, and ordinance that affect homes on the Manhattan Beach Strand. I hope you find it useful!

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