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The Market is TOUGH Right Now!

The market is so tough right now… Tensions are high right now…deals are really tough to come by and even harder to keep together… I have had more escrows either fall apart or almost fall apart in the last 4 months than all other deals...

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Dads - 1950's

The Picture on the Front of My Phone (wallpaper)

I recently got asked, “What’s that photo on your phone (wallpaper)?” It was this photo…this is my Dad in the late 1950’s- he was an amazing QB at Loyola High School in Los Angeles. He played his first few years of high school wit...

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Pricing Right is SO Important

In a past blog post I talked about selling my mom’s house, I wrote… My mother told me that she wished I wasn’t so direct with her and treated her more like a client than my mom. I told her I wished I was more like this with my clients. W...

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trading up - youtube

Trading Up

I did a video about this topic a few years back- check it out below. When the market slows down like it has recently (last 6-8 months), it’s a great time to give the “trade up buyer” a chance. A “trade up buyer” is a buyer that...

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What’s Trending in Spec Homes in 2019

Over the last 8 years, “spec building” or speculative development has come back since the downturn. The biggest change in the local spec market is basements. Basements have become a huge part of new home building in the South Bay like never...

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Family Home

Selling the Family Home

So last month, I put my parent’s (Mom and Stepdad) house in escrow…As I am writing this, it’s in escrow and looks like it is going to stick! My mom and Stepdad are both Real Estate Brokers and have been in the business (until recentl...

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The Hermosa Beach Strand

Hermosa Beach Strand Report-2019 Year in Review

2019 was a lot like 2018 with only 6 properties selling on the Hermosa Beach Strand. That number is down from 2017 when we had 10 sales total. In 2019, we had 2 new home sales - both speculative developments that took a very long time to...

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Why This Won’t be like 2008!

How can we compare this to what happened in the Real Estate market in 2008-2009? In 2008 and 2009 the financial world was coming to an end! Large institutions and small companies were going bankrupt along with a ton of individuals. It was a ...

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The Market ss Still Moving, but Why?

Because some people just have to move…just like the last economic downturn and in any market, there’s always reasons people decide to buy, sell or rent.   Fundamentally, the circumstances that usually lead people to sell regardless of ...

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