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Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Living A Healthy Lifestyle

This year I have made a real commitment to my health and well being. Like most people my age (almost 40 yikes!), I have been through a lot in life and am realizing we only have so much time here on Earth. I have two children and they mean the world to me- I want to be around to watch them grow and live as long as I can.

Along with trying to eat healthy, I have committed to 250 workouts in 2019! That is an average of 22 workouts a month, which is about 2 workouts every 3 days. A workout can be strength-based, conditioning-based or both, but must be at least 30 min long. I am posting my progress on my Instagram account (@oconnorproperty), so feel free to follow along! I have found that posting these workouts is a way for me to keep myself motivated and held accountable. 

If you have any suggestions on where there’s a great place to workout, or something that you have tried that you really enjoy, please let me know!
It’s amazing how many comments I get from people because I am doing this. I love the support, I love the feedback, and I really love how all this working out has really helped my mind and body.


Dan O'Connor